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Vasiliki Ninopoulou

Managing Partner

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Partner's Bio & Professional Experience

Vasiliki Ninopoulou is a highly accomplished legal professional with a rich academic background and diverse expertise. She earned her degree in Law from Rome II and further honed her skills through postgraduate studies at Panteion University, specializing in International Law and Diplomatic Studies. Additionally, she pursued postgraduate studies in European Economic Law at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.


Her linguistic versatility is evident in her proficiency in English (C2), French (C2), Italian (C2), Dutch (A2), and German (B2). 


Beyond the legal realm, Vasiliki is passionate about music and holds a significant role as the Vice President of Education for the Rhetoric Club. In her extensive legal career spanning since 2009, Vasiliki has excelled in general practice with a focus on civil cases, including debtor's petitions, family law, and real estate law.


Her expertise extends to criminal cases related to civil law subjects. Vasiliki's research interests encompass Criminal Procedure, particularly the use of DNA in criminal trials in Greece and Italy, as well as Human Rights, with a dedicated exploration of hate speech and its implications for political parties. Additionally, she delves into Competition Law, investigating information exchanges between competitors in light of the Green Agreement, with a particular emphasis on the concept of restrictions by object. Vasiliki offers valuable translation services, specializing in legal translations for both legal entities (intellectual property, statutes) and natural persons (qualifications, certificates, etc.). In commercial matters, she provides interpretation and communication facilitation for French-speaking groups.


Commitment to lifelong learning is a hallmark of Vasiliki's professional journey. She has actively participated in programs such as the Modernisation of Administrative Law (Leiden 2017 June 26-20), The Right to Health & Human Rights (Strasbourg 2017 July 3-21), Armed Conflict and International Law (Strasbourg 2016 July 4-22), and Refugee Law (Strasbourg 2016 June 13-24). Vasiliki Ninopoulou stands as a legal professional who combines academic rigor with real-world expertise, ensuring a global perspective in her legal endeavors.

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